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What we do

GRUPO INTEROCEANICO CALA is a Mexican producer and exporter of Tampico Fiber, a natural fiber unique to Mexico.

Tampico Fiber is made from a plant unique to the semi-desertic areas of northern Mexico , the Agave Lechugilla. It has been exported for centuries all over the world to manufacture cords, ropes and stricks or to be used as a filler in the brush making industries for brushes, scrubbers and brooms for industrial and personal use.

Tampico Fiber

The natural color of the Fiber is creamy white, but it is often dyed other colors. Tampico Fiber has great liquid holding and release properties - it will absorb 65% more water than plastic fillings. It has a unique surface roughness due to crystals of calcium oxalate embedded in the surface. There is really no plastic substitute for Tampico Fiber. The fiber is unsurpassed in most general sweeping applications, and in all applications requiring liquid retention, scrubbing and surface finishing.

Tampico Fiber is a soft to medium-soft bristle with the following qualities:
- It is a very resistant material, but with a very fine, delicate and smooth       texture
- It has abrasive qualities which makes it ideal for polishing applications
- It keeps its qualities and smoothness over time, while other fiber becomes hard and the quality deteriorates


Applications & use

Tampico Fiber can be used for manufacturing the following products:

- All types of cleaning brushes and scrubbers for industrial or household use

- Industrial brushes for polishing of metals, iron, steel, aluminum, wood 

- Paint Brushes and Heavy Duty Brushes

- All types of sanitary and personal hygiene brushes or scrubbers used for cleaning or massaging such as cleaning brushes, bath brushes, finger brushes, massage brushes etc.

- Shoe polishing brushes or brushes for shoe polishing machines or floor polishing machines

- Bath Sponges and utensils

- All kind of cords, ropes, mats, carpets etc.

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